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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you with any inquiries that you might have. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us.


SSGC offers 2 membership levels. A free membership, and a premium membership. You must have a membership in order to have coins graded by SSGC. Become a member today.

SSGC offers 2 membership levels. A free membership, and a premium membership. The premium membership is $25/year and offers a discount on grading fees and priority turn-around time. Become a member today.

  • Premium members receive significant discounts on grading and capsule fees.
  • Premium members benefit from an increased turn-around time.
  • Premium members will receive promotional coupons periodically which non-members do not have access to.
  • Premium members will have access to SSGC’s offers of additional benefits in the future.
  • Administrative fees are waived for insurance report from the SSGC Registry.

Premium Memberships must be renewed yearly. Free Memberships do not expire and do not require renewal.


The cost to grade a coin depends on several variables including (but not limited to) year, denomination, rarity, value and grading time. SSGC has created Pricing Charts which outline grading costs for Free Memberships and Premium Memberships.

There are several reasons why you should have your coins graded. First and foremost, an encapsulated coin that is Certified and Authenticated will hold a much higher value than a coin that is in a raw grade state enclosed in a coin flip.

SSGC coins are Certified and Authenticated and sealed in a generic clear acrylic capsule. The coin is suspended preventing coin movement limiting damage to the coin.

In addition, graded, certified and authenticated coins are accepted more easily by major coin
auction houses.

Submit your coins using the process outlined on our coin submission page.

You may submit as many coins as you’d like. 

SSGC has special rates for lots of 100 or more coins or rolled coins; see Level’s 23 thru 26 on the Quick Chart. This requires a quotation. Contact us if you would like to use this service.

SSGC uses the industry standard Sheldon Scale for grading coins. 

SSGC currently offers grading services for the following coin types:

  • Disc shaped coins including Canadian nickel and Loonie.
  • Coins between 14mm to 40mm diameter (thickness restriction may apply).
  • Canadian Coins, including Pre-confederation (thickness restriction may apply).
  • Canadian Mint issued non-precious metal coins.
  • USA Coins including Civil War Tokens (thickness restriction may apply).
  • Coins with a recognized variety that are published and noted.
  • Municipal tokens (Canada) (Thickness restriction may apply).
  • Sports tokens (Thickness restriction may apply).
  • Some Canadian Merchant tokens.
  • Gold coins.
  • Silver coins.
  • Copper coins.
  • Platinum coins.
  • Palladium coins.
  • Clad coins (mainly applies to USA minted coins).
  • Coloured coins (no Guarantee criteria applied to all coloured coins).

Please refer to our coin eligibility section for a list of ineligible coin types.

Grading times can vary and depend on a variety of circumstances.

Usually coins are in transit back to you within 10 business days of receipt of your parcel. This is based on the flow of current business. 

SSGC offers special turn-around rates if you require a coin to be returned at a quicker pace. 

Shipping and Receiving

Yes, you may send multiple orders in the same shipment. Each order can contain up to 15 coins.

Package each submission separately within the parcel prior to shipping.

Use a 2 X 2 coin flip (plastic or Mylar), wrapping each flip separately in bubble wrap.

If the coin is in a case, you may elect to send with the case. The case and coin capsule will not be returned. Separate shipping and handling fees apply to requests to have packaging returned. 

Place bubble wrapped coin flips in a small card board box filled with adequate packing. This is the best method for having your coins shipped. 

You may use a bubble envelope, however, this is not recommended unless addition packing is applied.

Never send coins in an unprotected paper envelope. 

Be sure coins are secure and adequate packing is applied so there is very little movement within the box.

Your coins safety and security are our number one priority. Each time we receive your coins we follow a strict protocol:

  1. Your incoming Parcel is weighed and the weight is recorded on the work order.
  2. Next, we video record the opening of the carton confirming contents.
  3. Once we’ve confirmed the contents, the coins are placed in a secure, sealed mail bag. The assigned work order number, date and weight are posted to exterior of the sealed mail bag.
  4. The sealed mail bags are placed in a locked safe until the work order is called up for grading procedures.
  5. After the grading procedures are complete, the coins are placed in a shipping carton; security tape is applied to the carton, and it is addressed to the owner.
  6. The carton is now ready for shipping, and will remain in a locked safe until the scheduled courier pick up.

Coins will typically be returned via Canada Post Parcel with minimum insurance of $100 per parcel.

For high valued coins, it’s recommended that a private carrier be used (at coin owner’s expense).

Coins are placed securely in a shipping box, also known as a card board Mailer, with 200lb load  test.

Security tape is applied to all packages. Please inform your carrier if the seal has been broken upon delivery.

Please be aware that international shipments may have the package seals broken via Border Security to verify contents.


SSGC carries insurance on all coins while in procession of a customer’s coins.

The onus is upon each customer to obtain adequate insurance and ensure their coins are safe and protected while in transit either to or from SSGC.

SSGC is not responsible in the event a parcel is received with indications of being tampered with or crushed. 

SSGC is not responsible for the negligence of a carrier.

Severely damaged parcels will not be accepted and SSGC refuses to accept parcels that have signs of tampering. It will be documented by SSGC and noted to the carrier.  

SSGC stores your coins in a locked safe awaiting the grading process to begin.

Upon completion of grading process the coins are packaged and stored in a safe until shipping is confirmed.

Yes, the design of the slab stabilizes and secures the coin.

SSGC uses a generic acrylic clear capsule which protects the coin surfaces from being in contact with foreign objects which may damage the coin. 

Do not place capsules near extreme heat sources or direct sunlight.

  • Always store coins in a cool dry place.
  • Use a dehumidifier in moist climates.
  • Have a high-temperature fire resistant safe, and make sure it’s well anchored.
  • The use of desiccant in a safe helps reduce moisture.
  • Use Mylar coin flips to store ungraded coins. 
  • If coins have been stored for a long period of time in coin flips, transfer them into new coin flips.
  • Coin boxes are a great asset for organization.
  • Keep coins stored up-right in box.
  • Use coin tubes for storing loose coins, especially for coins designed to stack.
  • If you are using pocket coin sheets, avoid stacking coin sheets flat.
  • Coin books should be kept in an up-right position.
  • If possible, use coin tongs while handling coins and always handle them by the edges.
  • Avoid the use of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) materials for storing coins.
  • Avoid storing coins near other coins with signs of Patina or Bronze disease.
  • Avoid drastic temperature changes.
  • If coins are stored in capsules, avoid vibrations, shaking or thumbing the centre of the capsule.

SSGC uses generic acrylic clear capsules that are approximately 86mm X 60mm X 10mm. 

You may contact SSGC between 9:00 AM to Noon, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, daily (MST).

Hours of Operation – Monday to Friday excluding Holidays.

We are closed for inventory December 19th to January 3rd.

Enjoy the many benefits of becoming an SSGC Member!

Graded coins can add significant value to your collection!