SSGC Coin Holders/Capsules

It’s about safety, security, and functionality

All coins graded by SSGC are secured in standard generic acrylic capsules, measuring 86 mm X 60 mm X 10 mm. These capsules provide maximum protection and great visual appeal.

SSGC currently encapsulates Canadian and United States of America coins which are of disk form with diameters of 14mm-40mm.

The following capsule coin diameters are available:

  • 14.0mm
  • 15.3mm
  • 16.2mm
  • 17.1mm
  • 17.8mm
  • 19.2mm
  • 20.0mm
  • 21.2mm
  • 22.3mm
  • 23.2mm
  • 24.6mm
  • 25.3mm
  • 26.3mm
  • 26.7mm
  • 28.2mm
  • 29.3mm
  • 30.2mm
  • 31.2mm
  • 31.8mm
  • 33.3mm
  • 33.8mm
  • 35.0mm
  • 36.3mm
  • 37.2mm
  • 37.9mm
  • 38.8mm
  • 40.0mm

Tolerances of capsule diameters are .02 mm.

In the future, Seven Seas Grading Company will offer other Capsule and coin sizes where you may choose a different size of Capsule. Prices will be set according to size.

There will be an option available under Capsule/Coin Size in the near future.

All coins that qualify for grading status will be enclosed with this capsule.

Counterfeit, altered, whizzed and processed coins may not qualify to be enclosed in a capsule.

Enjoy the many benefits of becoming an SSGC Member!

Graded coins can add significant value to your collection!