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SSGC Premium Membership $25.00 per Year. Customers in Canada will be charged tax based on their province.
Membership expires after 12 Months.
SSGC Free Membership Free. Customers in Canada will be charged tax based on their province. Select

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Important membership information

Premium Membership fee with Seven Seas Grading Company (SSGC) is $25 CDN annually. Membership fees are non-refundable. Members will receive grading fees and services at a preferred rate.

SSGC Premium Memberships will expire 1 year after registration. Reminder e-mails shall be sent that Membership has expired. Free Memberships do not expire.

Member information will be protected and not exposed or sold to a third party in any form or fashion by SSGC. SSGC will do its best to protect this information as per the Privacy Act of Canada. This also includes and protects any of SSGC members that reside in the USA.

SSGC will not send out spam mail to annoy its members. If you receive a spam e-mail with the use of the name Seven Seas Grading Company or SSGC, it was not generated by SSGC, report this type of activity immediately to SSGC.

SSGC will not allow or grant permissions to a third party or any supplier to have access to your name, address, e-mail or basic information provided by its member.

SSGC considers all information between its members and SSGC to be confidential and will be handled with the utmost security and respect of its Members and SSGC.

Members gain access to their account with a password set by the member. Registered Members e-mail address, mailing address with SSGC is to confirm the party/person on the other end is a person and considered to be authentic. Member will receive automated e-mail reply confirming account has been opened.

Hand written addresses on submission forms instructing a forwarding address will not be accepted. Member mailing address will be the default address for shipping.

The default mailing address on Members account is considered the ship to address. It shall be the Members responsibility to keep account information up-dated on a regular basis.

Members have a privilege in the event a coin graded by SSGC was stolen at your end.

Contact SSGC via e-mail stating the coin(s) of interest and the contact person, file number and name of the Insurance Company involved.

SSGC will send information including images of the graded coin(s) via registered mail to your Insurance Company and a second copy via registered mail to its member. It is important to up-date information, default address will apply.