Getting your coins graded

SSGC is looking forward to grading your coins.

Our goal is to provide you with the best coin grading service at a competitive price. Follow these easy steps to complete the process.

Step 1

Become a SSGC Member

In order to serve you better, register for a premium SSGC account for only $25/year. Membership includes:

A free membership option is also available to everyone.

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Step 2

Complete submission form

Anyone can submit their coins to SSGC for grading. Simply download, print, and complete our submission form with your coin details.


Step 3

Package your coins

Bubble wrap your coins and place them in a secure box for shipping. Please remember to include the printed submission form and secure the entire box with quality packing tape.

Step 4

Ship your coins

Once your coins are securely packaged, ship them to SSGC:

SSGC Grading Services
Box 803
Blairmore, AB, Canada
T0K 0E0

Submission guidelines and pricing

There are different pricing/submission guidelines for Premium Memberships and Free Membership:

What will you receive when your graded coins are returned?

All graded coins are returned via Canada Post (unless otherwise specified) and will be secured in generic plastic capsules.

Eligible coins accepted for grading by SSGC

Currently, the Seven Seas Grading Company will grade the following coins:

  •  All Canadian circulated coinage (including varieties)
  • Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island pre-confederation coinage (including varieties)
  • All USA circulated coinage (including varieties)
  • All collector coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • American and Canadian gold coins
  • Generic tokens
  • Any counterfeit, altered or processed coins will not be graded

Packaging your coins

The best way to package your coins for shipment is to place them 2×2 Mylar flips. This provides the best protection and makes it easy and safe for the graders at SSGC to handle.

Use a sturdy, good quality, corrugated cardboard box to send the coins.  If you’re reusing a box, be sure to remove old shipping labels or cover up old addresses.

Place the coins in bubble wrap or tissue paper to avoid the coins rattling around in the box. Tape all seams of the box with reinforced tape.

Write the address on the largest side of the box. Be sure to include your return address.

Never send loose coins in a paper envelope.

You must include your submission form in the package. 

Shipping your coins

Mail your coins and submission form to:
SSGC Grading Services
Box 803
Blairmore, AB Canada
T0K 0E0

Recommended shipping services

If you are sending from within Canada, SSGC recommends using Canada Post for sending your coins. Be sure to ask about extra insurance if required (a maximum of $500 insurance is available through Canada Post).

If you are shipping from the USA, then USPS is a good option. Please be sure to inquire about additional insurance if required.

3rd party services like Fed-ex, UPS and Purolator are also recommended, especially for high value coins that may require additional insurance (additional fees may be charged by these companies).