Who is Seven Seas Grading Company?

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Who is the SSGC?

The Seven Seas Grading Company (SSGC) was founded on July 1, 2020 in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada. SSGC has set high standards and goals to provide a reliable third party grading service. Our commitment is to work with individuals and dealers to accurately and consistently grade all Canadian and USA coins at a competitive price.

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A brief introduction

My name is Lawrence (Larry) Chychul (pronounced ch-chul)  and I founded Seven Seas Grading Company on July 1, 2020 in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada. Collecting started for me in the mid 1970’s. A January 2,  1900 Shinplaster was handed down from my grandfather Wasyl (William) to his son John, and then to Lawrence (John’s son) in the mid 1970’s. To this day I still own the 1900 Shinplaster.

For the past 40 plus years, I have collected and graded coins at a novice level and as years passed, my grading skills and knowledge increased.

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