A bit of history

Our story is as unique as your most treasured coin…

The Seven Seas Grading Company has set high standards and goals to provide a high level of Customer Service, accurate/fair grading, fair market pricing, a reasonable turn-around time and always pursue excellence in each of these fields.

My name is Lawrence (Larry) Chychul (pronounced ch-chul) founded Seven Seas Grading Company (SSGC) on July 1, 2020 in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada. Collecting started for me in the mid 1970’s. A January 2, 1900 Shinplaster handed down from my grandfather Wasyl (William) to his son John then to Lawrence (John’s son) in the mid 1970’s. To this day I still own the 1900 Shinplaster.

For the past 40 plus years, I collected and graded coins at a novice level and as years passed my grading skills and knowledge increased. Joining the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association and American Numismatic Association began education on history and grading of Canadian and US coins.

People recognizing my talent to detail and accuracy in grading encouraged me in becoming a Numismatist. In Appreciation a special thanks to Elsie Boyko, Rod Chychul, Margret Jones, Jason Roth, Jerrid Hawkins (Idaho), Jack Jensen proprietor of West Edmonton Coin and Stamp, Jacks assistant Calvin Melnyk, and an 8 year old boy named Sam Graham which one day pointed out I was missing a Lot number on a coin. Sam inspired me to pursue greater excellence and move forward in teaching young Numismatics interested in coin collecting.

All of these people in one form or another became instrumental in the foundation of an idea which in turn resulted in the creation of Seven Seas Grading Company.

Whether you started collecting coins today or for many years, it cannot be said enough, “buy the book before the coin”, create a good relationship with your local coin dealer, join the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association and/or the American Numismatic Association and become involved in your local coin club.

In ancient times collection coins was a “hobby of all Kings”, today coin collecting is a “King of all hobbies”. Good luck collecting, have fun and most of all enjoy the hobby!

– Lawrence Chychul

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